Dr. Uwe Doetzkies
Information Scientist in Industry
Dr. Uwe Doetzkies
Meine GULP ID: 9309
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The Interface Between Users And Developers
  • Requirements - based on the desires of the users
  • Test design that meets the needs of the users
  • Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture, Implementation Concepts - Abstraction and translation from the user's language into the developer's language
  • Failure Analysis, System Testing, User Training - Transfer the application to the users
Information Sciences


Dr. Uwe Doetzkies
Strindbergstraße 20
D-12621 Berlin-Kaulsdorf
Phone +49 (30) 562 90 890
Facsimile +49 (32) 221 572 455
E-Mail 3.14159@Doetzkies.eu (PGP Key)
Homepage www.doetzkies.eu
Mobile +49 (160) 846 68 52

Information brochure2012 - Addon 2014
Gesellschaft für Informatik
Regionalgruppe Berlin/Brandenburg
Mensa in Deutschland
Client List
AXA Leben Wiesbaden KoCo Connector GmbH Berlin
ANECON Software Design und Beratung GmbH Dresden Kontext E GmbH Dresden
Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin (FB II) plonsker media gmbh Landau
Carmeq GmbH Berlin
RAW Berlin
Computing and Informatics Bratislava / Slovakia Tint Systems Roßdorf
Connex GmbH Roßdorf TU Dresden (PDAI)
DKV Köln VE Kombinat Fortschritt Landmaschinen Neustadt/Sa.
Dresdner Bank AG Frankfurt/M. VEB Mikromat Dresden
Gerling E&L Wiesbaden VEB Union Gera
InnoConsult GmbH Dresden VEG Obstproduktion Borthen

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